Schmitty & Bags

Or "our drummer is pretty alright let's get to know him: Colin Joseph Gray, born May 6th 1992. He likes a lot of stuff, hates a good amount of stuff. He went through a pretty huge DMB phase at one point. That was followed by a Bjork phase. He thinks John Bonham's bass drum was too big. Neil Pert is great, but people put him on a pedestal. Ladies are cool, but dudes are alright too. He graduated high school in 2010 but graduated college in 2016. He's never been out of the country and the farthest he's been from home is the Smoky Mountains. He does like long walks on the beach, but he'd rather hang your cat from a ceiling fan. He skipped school a lot in high school but only got caught once (so, ya know, he's pretty slick). Recently very into Cabernet Sauvignon. Writes long texts to band when bored. Kind of wishes he was a kokiri child from Ocarina of Time. Mostly wishes he was a kokiri child from ocarina of time. He wishes he was a kokiri child from ocarina of time. Cocamo (sp?)  is single handedly the worst beach boys song of all time. Read way too much hunter s Thompson when he was in his late teens/early twenties and it kinda ruined his life. He started reading a bunch of Kurt Vonnegut and it was a nice balance to the pessimism of HST. I just got called out for writing an essay and met a nice couple at the bar.